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Is your Google Grant Account Suspended?

We Can Help!

Managing Google Ads is not as easy as it seems.

Google doesn’t make it easy to stay within the rules. But we can help. As a Google Partner, we can work directly with Google on your behalf to get your Google Ad Grant account active again. 

Has your CTR gone below 5%?

Google now requires an account wide Click-Through Rate of 5%.  If your account CTR stays below 5% for more than 2 consecutive months, your account will be temporarily deactivated.  CTR can be affected by having ads that are irrelevant to what the searcher is looking for.  We will get the performance of your account up and above 5% CTR and get your account reactivated.

Do you have a proper conversion tracking set up?

Google now requires that you have conversion tracking with Google Analytics setup. Our on-staff certified Google Analytics experts can get you properly set up and reinstated if you have lost your account due to missing the conversion tracking compliance rules.


Get Your Account Active

Let us audit your account and get it active again.